About Teretha

Teretha G. Houston

Teretha Houston has followed other career paths but never strayed from writing. She had the pleasure of singing background for some of her favorite artists including Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder on award shows, Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live, and a Super Bowl. Before the bright lights were cool, she was often working on a story.

After receiving her master’s degree, she worked for the federal government while writing novels, plays, short stories, and screenplays with the help of a voice recorder during her three-hour commute. She is a film school graduate with directing and screenwriting credits.

Equal parts nerd and adrenaline junkie, she is a science geek who loves to learn about the latest discoveries, especially if they can be categorized as strange but true—which is how she describes herself —and a sports fanatic who played full-contact football and was on the martial arts competition team in college.